A Real Workhorse – TGB Delivery Scooter

This TGB Express 50 (Delivery Scooter) has been in service at Joe’s Pizza for about a year already. She works day and night till 3 o’clock in the morning. Joe’s Pizza is located at 6504 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles. You can order online and get the warm mouth-watering pizza in minutes. Thanks to the high quality TGB scooter distributed by TGB Scooters USA (Excalibur Motorsports). This 2-stroke scooter is maintained and serviced at Scooter Dynasty in downtown Los Angeles. Here are links to both places:

2018 Key West on Dealer’s Showroom Floors

2018 model year Key West 50s are in stock now. Extremely powerful Hurricane Irma can’t stop our dealers to bring in our 2018 TGB Key West, X-Race and Bullet 50cc 2-stroke scooters.  Check with your local dealers to get more details. We also add a new color member (Metallic Black) into our inventory shown as below.

TGB Bullet 50 Scooter Returned to US Market

TGB Bullet Scooter has been known for its sporty look with upgraded shocks and hydraulic disc brakes system.  We have reintroduced it back to the US market, please check with your local dealer to see the availability.  There are tons of videos on YouTube for you to find more information.

TGB Bullet 50

TGB Bullet 50 2-Stroke Scooter

TGB Bullet 50 Front Disc Braek

TGB Bullet 50 Rear Disc Brake

Delivery Scooters Finally Arrived

After a year long effort in dealing with US EPA, we finally got our Delivery Scooters (Express 50) in stock now.  We have four different colors in our selection: Blue, Red, White and Yellow.

The rear box is spacious and the decals can be customized for your business promotion.  We have a company that specializes in making a very unique light box for this specific model.  Please let us know if you are interested in getting yours done.  We will be happy to refer you to that company.

Dealers are welcome to call in to order and consumers can call your local dealers to for more information.  Here is the link to our dealers: http://www.tgbscooters.us/blog/dealer-locator/

2017 TGB Scooters Are Here

EPA certified 2017 models of TGB scooters are in for immediate delivery from some of our dealers.  There are two models at this moment, Key West 50 and X-Race 50.  Express 50 are already at port and waiting to be released.  Please call your local dealer for more information.